Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finished the 2nd Outlander Book!

Boy oh boy, that about killed me. It took me at least 3 weeks to finish that book. I did enjoy the end, but if it weren't on my 101 list, I would probably not read the rest of the series. I will take a break before I start Voyager.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pheonix Bistro

Tonight Robert and I went on a "date" to this new joint, Pheonix Bistro. Apparently it has been open for a year, but we just heard about it the other day. WE LOVED IT! We loved everything about it! The ambiance, the service, and most importantly the food! It is the cutest little bistro in an old house. Here are some pictures of our date there.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The List

Items in red have been completed.

Items in green are in progress.

1. Start a blog based on this challenge & update frequently
2. Take pictures of each thing (0 / 101)

3. Plan a trip for just my mom, and I
4. Attend Robert’s family reunion
5. Vacation with family once a year (1/3)

6. Take a one week (or longer) vacation with husband
7. Stay a night in a bed and breakfast
8. Write a list of 50 things I love about Robert and give it to him
9. Read The Five Love Languages
10. Attend two concerts together (1/2)
11. Have a picnic on the mountain
12. Complete a craft project together
13. Have date night every Friday night for a month (0/4)
14. Attend Robert’s high school reunion
15. Kiss in the rain

Heath / Food
16. Get down to 160 pounds
17. Get down to 150 pounds
18. Get down to 140 pounds
19. Get down to 130 pounds and stay there!
20. Spend a two weeks as a vegetarian (0 / 14)
21. Eat at 10 new restaurants (1 / 10)
22. Bake / cook something new (0 / 25)
23. Grow some fresh herbs for home-cooked meals
24. Participate in a 5k walk / run
25. Take vitamins daily
26. Run two miles a day for a week
27. Work out 5 days a week for a month

28. Read 20 books that I have purchased but not yet read and are just sitting on my bookshelf (5 / 20)
29. Read 15 Classics (0 / 15)
30. Finish the Outlander Series
31. Finish the Summer Book Challenge
32. Go to a book signing
33. Purchase a new bookshelf and reorganize books
34. Read at least 75 books a year (1/3)

35. Sew a piece of clothing for myself
36. Create digital photo books for honeymoon & others
37. Paint a picture to hang in the house
38. Create greeting cards and send them to friends
39. Paint decorative serving dishes and plates with Lindsey


40. Put $50 into savings every month for a year (0 / 12)
41. Get Living Wills
42. Pay off all CC debt
43. Start a nest egg in ING
44. Pay off car loan
45. Set up a travel savings account

Giving to Others
46. Send flowers to my mom "just because"
47. Pay for someone's meal / coffee in line behind me
48. Volunteer for something
49. Purge clothes I don’t wear & donate twice a year
50. Participate in a run/walk for cancer research
51. Send someone a surprise gift once a year (1/3)
52. Leave $10 on the ground for a stranger to find

53. Go to Los Angeles
54. Go to Sonoma and tour the vineyards
55. Trip to Vegas
56. Visit a new US state
57. Go back to Mexico
58. Trip to Europe
59. Visit Washington DC
60. Visit Aunt Carolyn in Washington

61. Take a Spanish course
62. Go to three Museums (0/3)
63. Go to the Ballet
64. Visit the Birmingham or Nashville Zoo
65. Visit the Chattanooga Aquarium
66. Learn how to sew

67. Bills in a filing cabinet
68. Dresser drawers!
69. Makeup/jewelry
70. Purses/shoes
71. Photographs
72. Replace all light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs

73. E-mail/card to at least one person I don’t often see (0/3)
74. Send Christmas cards to my closest friends (1/3)
75. Take a girls’ weekend once a year (0/3)
76. Invite friends over for a party once a year (0/3)
77. Make at least one new couple friend
78. Host a ladies only cocktail party
79. Host a dinner party
80. Make a new friend

81. Organize the office
82. Decorate the office
83. Decorate the living room
84. Build a privacy fence

85. Complete my color certification
86. Get my red jacket
87. Complete AT LEAST 3 power starts (0/3)
88. Recruit 10 people
89. Earn my first career car
90. Go into DIQ
91. Go to Seminar for 3 years (0/3)

92. Buy a bra & panty set that matches
93. Buy and drink a bottle of wine that costs more than $20
94. Go to a movie alone
95. Start a journal and write in it 60 times (2 / 60)
96. Wake up early and watch the sun rise
97. Ride a horse!
98. Don’t curse for an entire day
99. Send a secret into PostSecret
100. Wash the dishes every night for a week
101. Review my list when it is complete

101 Tasks + 1001 Days = A New Me!

I have finally created my very first blog! This blog is to show how I complete my 101 tasks in 1001 days. I can check creating a blog off of my list now, so I only have 1000 tasks to go! Follow me on my journey to better myself.

My 1001 days end on Tuesday, February 14, 2012.