Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The List

Items in red have been completed.

Items in green are in progress.

1. Start a blog based on this challenge & update frequently
2. Take pictures of each thing (0 / 101)

3. Plan a trip for just my mom, and I
4. Attend Robert’s family reunion
5. Vacation with family once a year (1/3)

6. Take a one week (or longer) vacation with husband
7. Stay a night in a bed and breakfast
8. Write a list of 50 things I love about Robert and give it to him
9. Read The Five Love Languages
10. Attend two concerts together (1/2)
11. Have a picnic on the mountain
12. Complete a craft project together
13. Have date night every Friday night for a month (0/4)
14. Attend Robert’s high school reunion
15. Kiss in the rain

Heath / Food
16. Get down to 160 pounds
17. Get down to 150 pounds
18. Get down to 140 pounds
19. Get down to 130 pounds and stay there!
20. Spend a two weeks as a vegetarian (0 / 14)
21. Eat at 10 new restaurants (1 / 10)
22. Bake / cook something new (0 / 25)
23. Grow some fresh herbs for home-cooked meals
24. Participate in a 5k walk / run
25. Take vitamins daily
26. Run two miles a day for a week
27. Work out 5 days a week for a month

28. Read 20 books that I have purchased but not yet read and are just sitting on my bookshelf (5 / 20)
29. Read 15 Classics (0 / 15)
30. Finish the Outlander Series
31. Finish the Summer Book Challenge
32. Go to a book signing
33. Purchase a new bookshelf and reorganize books
34. Read at least 75 books a year (1/3)

35. Sew a piece of clothing for myself
36. Create digital photo books for honeymoon & others
37. Paint a picture to hang in the house
38. Create greeting cards and send them to friends
39. Paint decorative serving dishes and plates with Lindsey


40. Put $50 into savings every month for a year (0 / 12)
41. Get Living Wills
42. Pay off all CC debt
43. Start a nest egg in ING
44. Pay off car loan
45. Set up a travel savings account

Giving to Others
46. Send flowers to my mom "just because"
47. Pay for someone's meal / coffee in line behind me
48. Volunteer for something
49. Purge clothes I don’t wear & donate twice a year
50. Participate in a run/walk for cancer research
51. Send someone a surprise gift once a year (1/3)
52. Leave $10 on the ground for a stranger to find

53. Go to Los Angeles
54. Go to Sonoma and tour the vineyards
55. Trip to Vegas
56. Visit a new US state
57. Go back to Mexico
58. Trip to Europe
59. Visit Washington DC
60. Visit Aunt Carolyn in Washington

61. Take a Spanish course
62. Go to three Museums (0/3)
63. Go to the Ballet
64. Visit the Birmingham or Nashville Zoo
65. Visit the Chattanooga Aquarium
66. Learn how to sew

67. Bills in a filing cabinet
68. Dresser drawers!
69. Makeup/jewelry
70. Purses/shoes
71. Photographs
72. Replace all light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs

73. E-mail/card to at least one person I don’t often see (0/3)
74. Send Christmas cards to my closest friends (1/3)
75. Take a girls’ weekend once a year (0/3)
76. Invite friends over for a party once a year (0/3)
77. Make at least one new couple friend
78. Host a ladies only cocktail party
79. Host a dinner party
80. Make a new friend

81. Organize the office
82. Decorate the office
83. Decorate the living room
84. Build a privacy fence

85. Complete my color certification
86. Get my red jacket
87. Complete AT LEAST 3 power starts (0/3)
88. Recruit 10 people
89. Earn my first career car
90. Go into DIQ
91. Go to Seminar for 3 years (0/3)

92. Buy a bra & panty set that matches
93. Buy and drink a bottle of wine that costs more than $20
94. Go to a movie alone
95. Start a journal and write in it 60 times (2 / 60)
96. Wake up early and watch the sun rise
97. Ride a horse!
98. Don’t curse for an entire day
99. Send a secret into PostSecret
100. Wash the dishes every night for a week
101. Review my list when it is complete

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